Track the e-commerce fundamentals

Know where you are, identify key opportunities, monitor progress and win the e-commerce race

+60 e-retails & +90.000 SKU

Key features


Basic + Rich Content, Out of Stock and Availability, Rating and Reviews, Search Results, Price, Promotions and Display for own and main competitors products.


Perform online audits of the e-commerce fundamentals in all relevant e-Retailers and e-Marketplaces.


Deliver tracking, gap analysis and management report on daily basis.


Transform big data into simple indicators, use our dashboards and research tools to unlock the potential of your organization and leverage data to build growth.


E-mail alerts trigger by customized parameters, push data to drive action where needed across all areas.


Make your organization ready for the next step by setting the bases for a journey into AI.

Display tracking

Get te most of each retail banners display offers, and track each product, master product, sub-brand or brand performance.

Price, promo and discounts

Monitor pricing used by each retail for all your products. And compare each one against all the competitors inside each category.

Understand the promotional strategy of all your competitors, and review they promotional activities in our calendar.

Audit the amount of discounts that were offered by each retail, and review all the discounts for each category.

Content, rating, and reviews

Track all the data used by the retails to communicate your products or services, search name, description, image, rating, reviews, rich contents, characteristics, nutritional values, highlights, etc.